Speaker: Chad Cummings

Bio: Chad was born in Wichita Falls. Graduated high school from Petrolia ISD. After a 15-year stint working in the family construction business, he decided to go back to school. He graduated from Midwestern State University with a BS in geoscience in August 2020, and is currently midway through completing his Master’s degree. He has a research interest in Petroleum Geology, Geophysics, Carbon Capture & Storage.

Chad is currently a Geo Tech intern at Gunn Oil Company while working on his thesis which is titled: Importance of Tectonics and Structure of the Knox-Baylor Basin as Framework Controls.

In addition to that, he has volunteered to work on several academic research projects while attending MSU involving geodynamics and seismic interpretation of the East African Rift System in Uganda.

Topic: Navigating in an ever changing climate

Abstract: Coming into the Oil and Gas industry in the current climate can offer a different perspective. We all must navigate the ever changing landscape of the energy industry. From renewables and electric vehicles, forced policies based on public options and demonization of O&G, what does this mean for our industry down the road?