Speaker: Allen Kimble, Denbury Resources

Subject: Mission Canyon: Rejuvenation of an old play on the Cedar Creek Anticline of Eastern Montana

The initial Williston Basin oil discovery was completed from Mission Canyon pay in 1936.
Located on a mapped surface closure atop the Cedar Creek Anticline, 21 miles southeast of Baker, Montana, near the North Dakota state line, the discovery well, IP’d for 7600 Bopd and then quickly went to water. Since 1955, over 700 million barrels of oil have been produced from Ordovician, Silurian and Mississippian reservoirs found on the structural crest and northeastern flank of the Cedar Creek Anticline (CCA). Mission Canyon vertical completions account for only a small percentage of the
total CCA production; however, with the proper alignment of structure and stratigraphy, several exceptional vertical Mission Canyon wells have produced over 1 million barrels of oil. For many years, the fundamental plumbing (fluid properties-geology) of this petroleum trap has frustrated developmental drilling and completion attempts. The targeted pay is a thinly bedded, sucrosic, oil saturated, fractured dolomite, sandwiched between an evaporite seal and the underlaying, regionally extensive Lower Madison shelf carbonate. The targeted pay zone is now drilled horizontally with a rotary steerable assembly followed by a suite of LWD tools. Excellent field personnel and good down- hole tools are instrumental in successfully landing and drilling out this challenging reservoir. So far, resulting production is quite encouraging and more wells are expected to be drilled in the coming year.


Graduate of Abilene Christian University: BS Geology 1987
Allen started his professional career on the Bend Arch as a geologist, mud-logger, prospect generator- pilot with Mr. Don Buckalew of Olney, Texas. Later he was employed with Ridge Oil Company and McClymond Ltd. of Breckenridge, Texas in the same capacity. Hunt Oil Company (Gulf
Coast Division), Arco Alaska, and Fidelity Petroleum also figured prominently in expanding his geologic and operational experience. During his career, he has provided testimony before the Texas
Railroad Commission, North Dakota Industrial Commission, and the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation. Along the way, he acquired a certified flight instructor rating and has logged over 3000 hours of flight time. For the past 9 years Allen has worked for Denbury Resources in their north Region as a senior geologist, initially looking after a couple of rigs in the Bakken play. More recently he has been assigned to work various fields along the Cedar Creek Anticline, documenting reserves, well planning, geo-steering single and multilateral wells.