Speaker: Robert F. Lindsay

Topic: The Rock Never Lie: Classic Permian Basin Convention, Tight, and Unconventional Reservoir Core

Abstract: The 2023 Bill Hailey Memorial short course will focus on classic Permian Basin conventional, tight, and
unconventional reservoir core. Examples to be studied will be:
 Conventional reservoir core: 1) Abo; 2) San Andres, reservoir and ROZ; and 3) Grayburg.
 Tight reservoir core: 4) Clear Fork.
 Unconventional reservoir core: 5) Woodford; and 6) Wolfcamp.
The short course will start with an overview of “How To Describe A Core.” This will give each participant
an appreciation for a good core description and how one is built. This will be followed by a review of
conventional, tight, and unconventional reservoir core.
Core, core analysis, and a good core description can identify the: 1) depositional environment; 2)
diagenetic modifications; 3) porosity-permeability; 4) flow units; 5) fluid types; 6) TOC; 7) migration
pathways; and 8) reservoir potential.
Furthermore, a series of core descriptions can be utilized to build a reservoir-scale sequence stratigraphic
model, which can be utilized to do conformance work which will improve vertical sweep efficiency and
ultimately lead to improved reservoir performance.

Bio: EDUCATION: Weber State College 1974 – B.Sc. Geology
Brigham Young University 1976 – M.Sc. Geology
University of Aberdeen 2014 – Ph.D. in Geology
– Gulf Oil, 1976-1985, Production Geology, Enhanced Oil Recovery (Supervisor EOR Geology), and
Applied Research
– Chevron, 1985-2001, Carbonate Petrographer, Laboratory Supervisor, and Stratigrapher
– ChevronTexaco, 2001-2002, Carbonate Specialist
– Saudi Aramco, 2002-2015, Geological Specialist, Geological Consultant, Sr. Geological Consultant
(Geological Technical Services Division), Carbonate Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy,
leading Aramco carbonate field trips and teaching graduate level carbonate sedimentology at King
Faud University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM)
– Lindsay Consulting LLC & Affiliated Professor Brigham Young University, 2015-Present, Consulting on
Permian Basin oil fields, leading field trips, teaching graduate level courses, such as: 1) Rock-based
Integrated Reservoir Characterization; 2) Modern Carbonate Field Trip to the Bahamas; 3) Petroleum
Systems; and 4) short courses